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10 bass players you should know

Check out these bass players. Their creative musical contribution can not be underestimated. Knowing the names of great musicians might come in handy when confronted with that old misconception that women who have not been publicly credited, have not existed or their art was of little importance.

Ten brilliant bass players in alphabetic order. For more info click on their name.

Carol Kaye

Too much to mention

Esperanza Spalding

Fusion, to name a thing

Gail Ann Dorsey

David Bowie among others

Kim Gorden

Sonic Youth and beyond

Meshell Ndegeocello

All over the place

Nicole Fiorentino

Smashing Pumpkins and such

Rhonda Smith

Chaka Khan, Prince, Jeff Beck

Suzy Quatro

Glam rock, to name a thing

Tal Wilkenfeld

Herbie Hancock and the like

Tina Wymouth

Talking Heads and what not

Reminder: anytime you hear a not yet known bass player, never underestimate what she might come up with.

Madelief van Vlijmen -Wendelmoet Session song- Q-factory, Amsterdam (photo@vanReinout)

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