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Our music


We are a community of professionals who work in the music industry 


We want to promote upcoming artists as well as emphasize the work of the giants before us

we will shed light on research and archives that guide us through the labyrinth of female musical artists. 

Music? ​What kind of music?


With so many different personalities our musical interests can not be labeled. Our initiative originated with a few songwriters ​from the pop department of the conservatorium, University of the Arts in Amsterdam. However, even within this small group, the musical preferences  are quite diverse.

Our main aim is to connect and inform women in the music industry. We believe that empowerment escapes all musical labels. Women operating in the music industry, being classical, jazz or pop, experience the same obstacles and suffer the same misogynist scrutiny.

We believe that different collaboration will generate new found opportunities. Our experience supports the idea that changes are most likely to happen by taking initiative and confront prejudice head-on.

To this end we initiated an all female EP production 'The Wendelmoet Sessions' consisting of five, very different, songs. Written, performed and produced by women, who —for the first time in their career, experienced how it feels to work between total equal and equitable participants.

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