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Don't Run 


Putting on a smile, while I was crying for help

Didn't know what got to me, didn't feel like myself

And the shade got darker, before I knew

Got harder to pretend, pretend I was good

Falling down piece by piece

Being alone in the dark got the best of me


Was a seed I planted so very deep within

Forgotten all about it, not knowing that it was growing

Tears rushing down my face

I, the one feeding, had to tell myselff


Long as I 

Don't run, run, run away

I won't loose myself, I'll get through the day 

Long as I

Don't run, run, run away

Get my pieces together

Be in peace with my ways


Ik ben m'n angsten zat, eerlijk waar er is altijd wat

Maar schuldig ben ik zelf, niemand anders dan ik zelf

Die telkens die eisen, eisen, eisen stelt aan mezelf

Gezien, gehoord, gevoeld wat het met me kan doen

Ik ben klaar met die dagen, niet meer terug naar haar,

terug naar toen

Ik weet nu beter en zal vast en zeker beter doen

Kom zo beetje bij beetje dichterbij mezelf

Zie hoe ik me boek zo voor je open sla

Kijk, voel, ruik en mocht je willen lees eens wat 

Ik ben niet meer bang voor de confrontatie

Men, Het was me wat

Men, het was me wat

Probeer to doen, probeer te laten

zonder weg te rennen

Dat gevoel dat krijgt als je je écht laat kennen

Kijk, ik hou me niet meer stil, 

Laat je weten wat het speelt, 

Vind zo plek voor elk stukje

dat zich vormt tot mijn geheel

Long as I 

Don't run, run, run away...

Louisa Brunhoso



8 am in the morning

Morning bells are ringing

What a godly time, to be alive

Hey naked girl, seeing all kinds of images

And Shiva’s not here with me 


And he, he can’t see

Can’t see the white noice all around me

He can’t feel the burden,

can’t feel the burden


Please Shiva 

Help me , remove the plastic

She could overcome this

Overcome the mass production 

Over and over producing 

Please Shiva

Diwa Meijman

the teddy Bear Man

The teddy bear man wants to know you,

wants to know you real good.

Yeah the teddy bear man wants to

take care, real good for you

Cause I'm the teddy bear man

Cause I'm the teddy bear man

I'm the teddy bear man...

The teddy bear man will approach you,

will approach you real smooth

The teddy bear man will greet you,

nice and true


Yeah, the teddy bear man wants to

shhhake your hand

The teddy bear man wants to

be your best of friend

Cause I'm the teddy bear man...

The teddy bear man wants to fuck you,

wants to fuck you real good

So, the teddy bear man is going to

give you a real strong drink

The teddy bear man has honored you

with his teddy bear seed

smeared all over you sweetest of pictures

But now the teddy bear man wants to rape you,

wants to rape you in your sleep.

Louise Lindskov

Menopausal monsters 

“I saw her singing on TV

It hurt my eyes, it was an awful sight to see

Skin wrinkling looking like beef jerky

They shouldn’t broadcast women over 43"

“LMAO, that guy’s so right

I wouldn’t let my own dog fuck her if he tried

She still thinks she’s got stuff to say

But woman please

put some injections in that face”

Cause women of a certain age

They’re just not fuckable anymore

Why don’t they just quit the game?

Why do they still dress up

like teenage whores?

Like teenage whores

When they’re not fuckable anymore?

We should them all off stage

And have them working in a bookstore

Why do women have to grow that old?

(When they can’t even have babies anymore)

Their first grey hairs

will make your blood run cold

(Your high school crushes

don’t look anything like before)

Our expiry dates are set by man

Who are looking twice our age

Cause women of a certain age...



Let my self slip away

Doesn’t matter anyway

It’s fine, It’s leaking

Cause I’m not waterproof

It’s leaking yay yay yay

Think of it, think of it


I caught myself lost in the wind

Unaware where it will end

Or where it begins

There will be quiet, right

I think I’m falling behind


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