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Join us


We are always interested in new and exciting collaborations. 

We like to hear from you.

It is our ideal to connect with women from different backgrounds, age groups, ethnic identities, and professional expertise who are operating in the music industry.​ We are open to exciting collaborations, preferably those that will actively challenge the status quo. 

Feel free to get in touch even if you do not fit our profile. We are always interested in new ideas and positive feedback. An open mind and a willingness to communicate respectfully is all that is required.


If you self-identify as a woman then this might be the right place. We are welcoming all women (transgender and cisgender) Two-Spirit, non binary people, neuro-divergent and gender fluid. Let us know if we left you out.


If you feel inspired and are motivated to help change the stereotyping and narrow minded view on women, operating in the music industry, then we might be the community you need. Let us know what you plan to do.

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