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About us


We have come together to make a change.


We want to step out of the shadow and shed a light on all the talent and hard work that women display within the music industry .

We want to be a platform that connects women who feel they can contribute to a diverse community of musical professionals.

Image by NICO BHLR

Who are we? ​What do we do?


We are women who, one way or another, work in the music industry. Some of us play an instrument. Some of us write music. Some of us record music. Some of us produce music. Some of us enable, assist and educate those who make music. 


Some of us are studying, some of us are about to graduate. Some of us hold a bachelor degree, some of us hold a masters degree. Some of us our touring with their band, some of us are playing in different bands. Some of us love studio work, some of us love the stage. 


Some of us are loners, some of us are socialites. Some of us are talkative, some of us are silent. Some of us are sharing, some of us are reserved. Some of us are chaotic, some of us are organized. Some of us love structure, some of us love jumble.

We all love music. We all want to promote and support other women in the music industry. We all want to make a change.

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